Kyle and Lee | Japan Pre Wedding

Of all the shoots I did in Japan the prewedding of Kyle and Lee is the one i was most excited about. Months before the shoot Lee and I were exchanging ideas on… Continue reading

Darren and Rea | Singapore Prewedding

It’s been a year since we had our first shoot in Singapore and it’s always been a delight shooting in this beautiful city. This country, small as it may be, has a lot… Continue reading

LJ and Ceejay | Kyoto Prewedding

We’re bringing you back again in Japan for LJ and Ceejay’s prewedding. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto itself is beautiful as it is it has the feel… Continue reading

Kyo and Karen | Pre wedding

We go back to Batangas for Kyo and Karen’s Pre wedding shoot. I have known Karen way back when we were still studying in UST and I knew that she’ll be a wonderful… Continue reading

Billy and Anna | Tagaytay Wedding

It’s hard not to play favorites in our profession. Being a photographer there is always something in some weddings that we specifically like that is more memorable compared to the others before it.… Continue reading

Sen and Seth | Porac Pre Wedding

There are places that are naturally breathtaking in photos. Nature has it’s way of titillating our senses in a way that it inspires us to continue what we love to do. For us,… Continue reading

Andrew and Mylene | Tokyo Post Wedding

Every time I go back to Japan, I always experience something new and exciting. But this time I have learned a lot of things about myself and being a wedding photographer. Almost all… Continue reading

TJ and Roce | Tokyo Pre Wedding

We are presenting one from our series of Preweddings in Japan last spring and we are more than excited to show everyone the wonderful sets I did there. One of the things that… Continue reading

Marco and Elaine | Stilts Calatagan Pre wedding

It’s always fun to shoot someone you already know. For me it’s easier because the rapport that you have to build with other clients is already there. I’ve known Marco and Elaine for… Continue reading

Carlo and Cherish | Las Casas de Acuzar Pre Wedding

We welcome 2016 with a pre-wedding feature. It has been a busy season and we have a lot of catching up to do in our blogging but we do make an effort to… Continue reading